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The goal of is to provide a web-based platform for writers to post series novels or literatures. We hope this website could become the great opportunity for all the talented writers to post their amazing work in sequential installments and get paid based on post views.

We welcome writers from various walks of life to post your work on Even if you never write any novel before, we still encourage you to register at our website and make public of your first piece of creation. You do not need to possess any special qualifications, education, or certificates. As long as you have the passion to write and could immerse yourself in writing for long period, we sincerely welcome you.
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  • The first 10 posts of each novel are free to read.
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  • You can be the first to read a good novel unpublished.
  • You have the opportunity to participate in the author's writing process.
  • Ads-free site, fast load time, clean user-interface for both readers and writers.
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  • Readers and writers can communicate via private message and discussion board.
  • Readers can rank and comment on every post of a story.
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